The new self-titled debut album from roots country, The Bear and The Bison, reflects a relatable optimism in the face of uncertain times and social anxiety, and has quickly earned kudos for its unforced style and dark honesty.


Described as Appalachian country and roots rock, The Bear and The Bison is the new album by singer-songwriter Mark W. Lennon (Home of the Wheel and Down the Mountain), chronicling his experiences in the great American landscape, touching on themes of isolation, online culture, loss of family, striving to do better and navigating love's ins and outs.

“I wanted to record some of the songs we had written back in California, so they didn’t get lost. Straightforward snapshot country tunes like ‘Train, Train’ and ‘Misery,’” says Mark. "There wasn’t really an agenda, just recording at our own pace, when we could."


“With ‘Train,’ our grandfathers were both train engineers, and we grew up listening to train stories,” says Mark, “I guess it became a metaphor for our journey across the country from California to New York and set the tone of the record.” 


Then new songs took shape, like the dream-rootsy “She’s Cold,” inspired by the experience of moving to Buffalo in a snowstorm, with haunting harmonies, pedal steel and fiddle navigating the snowy backroads. To “It’s All Downhill,” a frolicking country rock song that ends up conquering love by accident and ultimately putting life into better perspective. And the roots-a-billy “Kindhearted Man” leaves you questioning whether everything you’ve always wanted turns out wrong. 


To “Screen Fever,” a droning cry for help from a doom scrolling social media culture. "‘Screen Fever,’ tries to capture that unhealthy connection many people like myself have with our phones and being online,” says Mark, “the disconnection it can cause with the people around us is real.”

“We had some really talented folks contribute to the album and help us develop this unique sound, which we are really grateful for,” says Mark, “please give their bands a listen as well.”

The album features Dean Vivirito (Who Can Sleep) on vocals, Harmony Griffin (Uncle Ben’s Remedy, Leroy Townes) on guitars, Patrick Jackson (Folkfaces) on standup bass, Jim Whitford on lap and pedal steel, Jacob Brockway on pedal steel, Charlie Coughlin (The Brothers Blue) on fiddle, Michael Russeck on piano and Mark Lennon on vocals, guitars, banjo, bass, and percussion.


Produced by Mark W. Lennon. Sonically mixed by veteran engineer Dean Nelson (Beck) and mastered by Danny Kalb (Beck and Ben Harper). All songs are written by Mark W. Lennon and Courtney S. Lennon. Additional thanks to Courtney Lennon, Zachary Fadale Brian Ascenzo, Sally Jaye and Erik Herrera.

The Bear & The Bison will be available across all digital platforms February 13, 2023.


“Blues Forever (in Your Eyes)” is simply one of the best songs I have heard this year. His sound is now complete and he is establishing himself as a rising star in the roots music community of the area. Look for the buzz to get louder on future releases.”

-Chip Frazier, Twangville

"...lovely sounding roots rock album with hints of Ryan Adams (especially vocally), the Grateful Dead and the Black Crowes. These songs are still on rotation after three weeks - a good sign - they're memorable, catchy and shouting out for recognition."
-Americana UK

"He’s not flashy, but then again he doesn’t have to be. Just listen to his music and you’ll realize he’s a savvy musician speaking simple, honest truths."
-Country Music Pride

“Lennon is a confident, talented, up-and-coming artist you should check out.”

-Joe Ross, AmericanaOne (Sun209)

“a perfect mixture of heartfelt lyrics, easing yet engaging melodies and, similar to each Mark Lennon song, it tells a story and takes the listener on their own musical journey of keeping roots while chasing dreams.”
-Performer Magazine



"Got to Make These Times Better" (Unreleased)