The new self-titled debut album from roots country, The Bear and The Bison, reflects a relatable optimism in the face of hard times and anxiety, and has quickly earned kudos from those who've heard it, for its unforced honesty and throwback style.


The Bear and The Bison have been described as Appalachian country and roots rock, creating songs that chronicle their experiences across the American landscape in 2022. Combining contemporary themes of online culture and being isolated in a new city, to life's pain and the pursuit of redemption, these songs are based on Courtney’s straightforward, early American style, and Mark’s rootsy, psychedelic prose, through a stripped-down, vintage sound.


After living in Southern California and releasing two albums (Down the Mountain, Home of the Wheel), North Carolina native, singer/songwriter Mark W. Lennon teamed up with Buffalo native, songwriter, bassist, and author Courtney S. Lennon in Los Angeles in 2011, and now live in Western NY.

The Bear and The Bison will be available soon.



Coming Soon

"She's Cold" Single available now

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