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The Bear and The Bison Cover

The Bear and The Bison

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The Bear and The Bison Lyrics

“Lennon’s laid-back vocal over the bright sonic layers makes for a compelling, memorable sound...The Bear and The Bison delivers open-hearted, accessible music we can relate to, bringing a little hope and optimism during challenging times.” 

-Americana UK

"The writing is unfailingly strong, the performances world-weary but optimistic, the arrangements and production haunted and hopeful in equal measure." 

-The Buffalo News

"One of the best country rock/Americana albums to be released in Western New York in recent memory, full of strong songs and singing and pristine production."
-Sportsmens Americana Music Foundation

“The B&B create an early, Uncle Tupelo style of Americana with a heavy dose of retro, lo-fi, Velvet Underground panache.”

-The Alternate Root Magazine

The Bear and The Bison features:

Dean Vivirito on vocals

Harmony Griffin on guitars

Patrick Jackson on standup bass

Jim Whitford on lap and pedal steel

Jacob Brockway on pedal steel

Charlie Coughlin on fiddle

Michael Russeck on piano

Mark Lennon on lead vocals, guitars, banjo, bass, and drums

Produced by Mark W. Lennon

Mixed by Dean Nelson

Mastered by Danny Kalb

All songs are written by Mark W. Lennon and Courtney S. Lennon

Vagabonds Tune Records

© 2023 All Rights Reserved

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