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"County, folk and Appalachian strains combine in sweet and sour melancholic tunes, some aided by ex-Dylan fiddle player Scarlet Rivera, that, like the lovely and poignant 'Before the Fall,' mine a rich vein of dusky and affecting Americana."

-American Songwriter

"Mark W. Lennon may be a new name to most people but there is no reason he should or likely to stay that way because his music has a mass of wealth to offer....a man who

can and does out sing Ryan Adams and all those alt-country acts that have for years been heaped with praise" -Americana UK


"Listening to Mark W. Lennon’s new release Home of the Wheel, I felt as if I was transported back to depression era America without leaving 2011...His sound is now complete and he is establishing himself as a rising star in the roots music community of the area. Look for the buzz to get louder on future releases. Mark W. Lennon’s music needs to be heard." -Twangville


Beyond The Music: Mark Lennon – “California Calling”

"North Carolina native (and current L.A. resident) Mark Lennon is the unassuming, easygoing guy next door. That’s what I enjoyed about his debut EP, Down the Mountain (2009, Vagabonds Tune) — it was like sitting on a wide and comfortable front porch, drinking ice cold beer and listening to a friend play some solid, honest guitar tunes. His first video off the new album is “California Calling,” and the song is heavy on pedal steel, close harmonies, and that unmistakable high lonesome sound. Mark was nice enough to chat with me for a peek beyond the music." -Awaiting the flood

Mark W. Lennon - Home of the Wheel

"...a more earthy and eclectic collection of songs, Home of the Wheel takes meandering stroll along the path of American music, stopping along the way to soak up musical sound bites and use them for inspiration and affect." -Beat Surrender

Mark W. Lennon’s debut album “Home of the Wheel” is one from the heart

"The consistency of Mark Lennon’s voice is what drives this record...He sings with a great deal of emotion that penetrates deep down into the listener’s soul, driving the purpose behind his creations home.

Home of the Wheel is one exquisite record that should definitely be appreciated by any aficionado of the folk, or as we so often call it today, Americana genre." -From Under the Basement

Review: Mark W. Lennon’s “Home of the Wheel”

"Mark W. Lennon is a confident, talented, up-and-coming artist you should check out. His debut album indicates that he’s still developing his specific > personalized musical identity, and he shows interest and skill in a broad multi-genre spectrum." -Sun209

California Calling: Mark W. Lennon, Home of the Wheel

"I spent a chunk of the fall listening to Home of the Wheel and humming along with his (mostly) slow, sweet grooves...It’s difficult for me to pick favorites here because I pretty much like them all, but I’m especially fond of The River Stays the Same and Paper Doll." -Now This Sound

NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY! : Mark W. Lennon w/ "Home of the Wheel"

"Hoping that LA doesn't spoil his North Carolina twang. When listening to the 11 tracks I never once forwarded skipped or all together turned off the player. That being said I really enjoyed the genre mixing. Americana, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, and do i dare say POP!" -XOPublicity

Poetry Men - Home of the Wheel

"I had to listen to Home of the Wheel, the song, more times than the other songs in this post. I needed to convince myself that Mark W Lennon could not have been present for the events described in the song. Yes, indeed, Lennon does tell us that this happened the day his father was born. Lennon is a very visual writer, and his songs have an immediacy that sounds like the songs are drawn from personal experience. As much as I enjoyed Lennon’s debut EP, Down the Mountain, Home of the Wheel, the album, is the work of an artist who has found his voice." -Oliver di Place


Mark W. Lennon - Home Of The Wheel

"Home Of The Wheel" is one of the tastiest surprises of 2011 within roots music...From the wonderful "The River Stays The Same", a true manifesto sound of his music, the acoustic rock of "Stop & Go" closes the album are all shades of his musical range, country, folk, American, in a continuous memory of their roots 'southern.' -Lonestar Time

No Deal Music: Amerikabrev - Vol.7

"Favorite tracks off the album are The River Stays The Same, Blues Forever and Paper Doll." -No Deal Music

Mark W. Lennon - Home of the Wheel

"Mark has a wonderful emotive tenor voice, which he effortlessly draws all the attention... "Home Of The Wheel" is a dark and melancholic album, with over 32 minutes while on the short side but on the whole excellent and exciting and has grabbed me by the throat." -altcountryforum.nl

Mark W. Lennon: Home of the Wheel

“The standout song for me is The River Stays the Same, a statement of philosophical comfort in troubling times. Here he taps right into the dignity of the human spirit at its best and the steady rolling pulse of the band is spurred along by Scarlet Rivera’s fiddle, sounding exactly the same as she did all those years ago with Bob Dylan.” –FlyinShoes


Mark W. Lennon - Home of the Wheel

"Blues Forever(In Your Eyes) one of the best ballads heard this year, simple but very charming..." -Rootshighway.it


LENNON MARK W. (Home of the Wheel)



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